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Chris Byrne and Richard Gottlieb travel to Nuremberg,
Germany for Spielwarenmesse 2020.
Here are a few very special episodes recorded live at Spielwarenmesse.

Richard and Chris are so excited to share these episodes with you LIVE from Nuremberg, Germany at Spielwarenmesse 2020, the world's largest toy show.  We cover everything from strategies, upcoming launches, challenges, opportunities and so much more. Want to know how to make the most of the event as an exhibitor? Check out episode 3 and we've got tips just for you.   We are also so gracious for everyone that allowed us the opportunity to record an interview live at the show. We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed recording them for you.

If you have an industry event coming up and you would like to have us record LIVE at your event, please reach out to us via email and we'd love to discuss the opportunity with you.
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LIVE from Nuremberg 2020 - Day 1
An Interview with Mark Foster of Playmobil, Strategy, Expansion & More
January 30, 2020

Live from the Playmobil booth at the Nuremberg 2020 Toy Fair, Richard and Chris sit down with Mark Foster, general manager of the U.S. and U.K. for Playmobil. Mark talks about current strategies, the company's successful expansion into licensing, entertainment and new launches for 2020. It's an engaging conversation about how a nearly 46-year-old brand holds onto its classic roots and expands to meet the demands, consumption and communication patterns of the audience in 2020.

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LIVE from Nuremberg 2020 - Day 2
The Value of Toy Fairs, One Company's Sustainable Structure, and Timeless Dolls
January 31, 2020

Chris and Richard talk the present and long-term value of international toy fairs with Ernst Kick, CEO of Spielwarenmesse, sustainability with Alain Derauw of Plan Toy and the challenges and opportunities of launching a high end doll line with Frances Cain, plus more on the world's largest toy fair.

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LIVE from Nuremberg 2020 - Day 3
Overall Trends, German Market Insights And
How Exhibitors Can Maximize the Show
February 2, 2020

Richard and Chris discuss the trends emerging at the Spielwarenmesse. A chat with Jerry Kallman provides insight for would-be exhibitors, Lisa Hilbert discusses trends in the German and Austrian markets, and Chris sits down with Jorg Meister, trade editor and CEO of Little Big Things to talk more in depth about the German market and trends.

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LIVE from Nuremberg 2020 - Wrap up
Wrap-Up Trends and Conversations with Hog Wild
and Lottie Dolls
February 12, 2020

Chris provides some perspective on the emerging trends at Spielwarenmesse. Plus conversations with Ian Harkin of Lottie Dolls and Josh Loerzel of Hog Wild. They talk about the unique benefits of the Spielwarenmesse and what's ahead for their companies in 2020.

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